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Tufik Y. Shayeb


Tufik Y. Shayeb

Attorney Bio

Associate Attorney at Ewing & Ewing Attorneys, P.C.

Joined Blitt and Gaines June, 2021


LL.M Biotechnology & Genomics, Arizona State University (2015)

J.D., Arizona Summit Law School (f.k.a. Phoenix School of Law) (2012)

B.A. Philosophy, Arizona State University (2008)


Arizona Bar Association


DNA Fingerprinting: Rethinking Maryland v. King and Its Application, 11 Charleston L. Rev. 693 (2017).

You Are What You Own: Reigniting the Discussion on Universally Recognizing a Property Right in Genetic Information and Material, 38 Whittier L. Rev. 181 (2017).

Behavioral Genetics & Criminal Culpability: Addressing the Problem of Free Will in the Context of the Modern American Justice System, 19 U.D.C. L. Rev. 1 (2016).

Informed Consent for the Use and Storage of Residual Dried Blood Samples from State Mandated Newborn Genetic Screening Programs, 64 Buffalo L. Rev. 1009 (2016).

Antiquated Notions of Reliability: Consumer Credit Card Litigation, Electronic Business Records, and the Rule Against Hearsay, 4 Accord, Prac. Legal J. 91 (2015).

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