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From the blog

Good Afternoon,

I hope this note finds you and your families doing well during this pandemic. This situation is hard for everyone and we are doing our best to keep you safe and employed during this most crazy time.

Over the past few weeks, we have furloughed only 10% of our staff and we continue to pay their medical insurance.  There are no plans in place today for more furloughs or layoffs.  That being said, we need to evaluate the firms situation regularly.

As of today, there is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the “stay at home” requirements and the impact on our firm.  We have started to see most states communicate their phase plans which detail timelines for re-opening.  As a multi-state practice we will see many variances in timelines for our states, but we will do our best to communicate timely to everyone as to the impact. 

We are tentatively re-opening the Merrillville Indiana and St. Louis Missouri Offices on May 26th.  We also may re-open the Des Moines Offices this month but potential dates have not been determined.  Based on what we know now, our Illinois Offices will not open before June 1st.  In addition to our state executive orders we are also monitoring the courts communications and client directives as to what actions are allowable.  We will do our best to communicate with everyone as to each office and department.  Please contact your manager or human resources with any questions.  An all firm update will be sent on or before May 31st.

Finally, as we start to think about coming back to work, there will definitely be a NEW NORMAL.  We will need all of your help, consideration and understanding.  Details are still in the works but I can guarantee you the following steps:

1.            If you are sick, feel sick or might be sick, stay home.  I will be instrucking our HR and managers to send people home. 

2.            I know many of you “need to come in to work because you have not time or need the money”.  Totally understand; however, the safety of the staff is my biggest concern.  We will have a new policy in place for additional paid sick time.  YOU WILL ALSO BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A DOCTORS NOTE IN MANY SITUATIONS.

3.            Clean up your office space.

4.            Keep common areas clean.

5.            Keep 6 ft social distance protocals as best you can.

6.            Masks are recommended unless mandated by your state guidelines.

Like I said, this will be a NEW NORMAL.  My intention is to enforce the rules vigorously.