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From the blog

Hello everyone, hope you and your families are doing well.  Candidly, you should know that we are working very hard to protect your jobs during this difficult time.  This is important to us and we will do our best based on our uncertain financial future.

We have a great team here at BG and I am so proud of the work being done by our staff.  Special mention to those actually coming to the office to do the important functions of taking consumer calls, posting money and opening mail.

Beginning April 1st, we will proceed as follows:

1.            Employees in a Shelter in Place BG state, that are working either in office or remote will continue to do so unless contacted by your manager.

2.            Employees in a Shelter in Place BG state, that are off work, will be offered relief under the Families First Act (see attachments on this site).  This allows employees to receive an additional 80 hours of PTO or until approximately mid-April.  HR will contact this group of employees.

As we discussed, this will effectively pay everyone until mid-April.  We will have more clarity about the new Care Act (financial stimulus) in the coming days.  This will help direct our actions beyond mid-April.

Be sure to read the links on our website for more information.  Should you have questions, please reach out to HR.